PAC 9000
PAC Series
The PAC 9000 is top of the line, fun to fish out of and handles a wide variety of river and still water conditions. The quad tube hull design provides shallow draft for drifting over gravel bars and a low profile for moving through the wind. The PAC 9000 features a strapless frame design for quick and easy set up.

The PAC 9000 is for you if:

  • - You are an all-round angler who fishes still and moving water

  • - You need a pontoon boat that is ideal for windy conditions

  • - You fish shallow rivers

  • - You love the quad tube design

Boat Specs
Inflated Size: 60" x 9'
Tube Diameter: 10" Dual
Fabric: 1100 PVC
Material Weight: 24 oz/sq.yd.
AireCell Material: Urethane
Seam Construction: Welded
Warranty: 10
Valve Type: (4)Leafield B7
Weight: 60 lbs.
Load Capacity: 400 lbs.
Frame: 4-pc aluminum
Anchor System: Included
Motor Mount: Optional
Oar Type: 7' 2-piece
Product Details
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7/16/2012 | by: Rick Stout
In the last 20 years I've owned 3 PAC 800's, 1 Fish Cat 9IR and upgraded to a PAC 9000 about 10 years ago. I fish stillwater and rivers as small as the Beaverhead and as large as the Clearwater in my PAC 9000. You will not find a better handling, reliable and durable pontoon than the PAC 9000! Trust me..I'm rough on equipment! Rick Stout-SW Montana
2/21/2012 | by: Tom Unsworth
I have owned my pac 9000 for 15 years. I fish rivers and lakes here in utah. In my opinion its the best pontoon out there. If anthing ever happend to it I would buy another one in a heart beat.