Why Outcast
Outcast Sporting Gear is now 13 years strong and still focusing on introducing the most innovative designs, highest quality pontoon boats, float tubes, and accessories. Never before has our industry seen such universal acceptance of an idea that is practical, affordable, and just all around pure fun. Not to mention that we offer the most complete and honest warranty in the industry. Our designs are a result of the ongoing success of our mentors and partners, AIRE, experts in the whitewater industry.

No matter what type of fishing you do, whether it be in remote lakes, wild streams or local ponds, Outcast has the right boat to get you there. With such a wide range of float tubes and pontoon boat models, it is best to evaluate the type of angling you will be doing most before deciding on a craft. To learn more about how to choose the ideal inflatable boat, see below for suggestions.

Pontoon Craft vs. Float Tubes

Ask yourself: What type of fishing you usually do?
  • If you mainly fish small ponds and lakes, your best option is the Fish Cat 4 Deluxe-LCS, Trinity, Super Fat Cat-LCS and the Prowler. These boats are small enough to be packed into remote areas.
  • Fish Cat Streamer XL-IR, Fish Cat 9-IR, Fish Cat Cougar, Fish Cat Panther, Discovery 8-IR, Discovery 9-IR, and the PAC series are all useful for larger water applications. If you're looking to float rivers, pontoon boats are your only option when talking inflatable boats! Pontoons boats will broaden your options to a whole new level.
  • Pontoons can be used on still water and with all of the methods of locomotion like rowing, fin kicking or adding a trolling motor these boats are easy to maneuver.
  • Please note that every float craft has its own special features, and that one type can’t cover all of your needs. Just keep in mind what type of fishing activity you tend to find yourself doing the most.
  • One final note, always keep safety at the top of your list for future enjoyment in the float craft of your choice.

Ideal Applications

Ponds/Small Mountain Lakes

Larger Lakes/Spring Creeks

Large Rivers