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The Fish Cat Panther boasts a higher carrying capacity than any other, single-person Fish Cat pontoon boat (400 lbs.). Its welded seams offer extra durability and the 6-piece aluminum frame provides strength without added bulk.




In Stock

The Fish Cat Panther boasts a higher carrying capacity than any other, single-person Fish Cat pontoon boat (400 lbs.). Its welded seams offer extra durability and the 6-piece aluminum frame provides strength without added bulk. The Fish Cat Panther features convenient, maneuverable, low-profile 9′ quad pontoons. Load the Panther up for a day (or two) on the river or cruising a lake for risers.

What makes the Fish Cat Panther special?

  • Quad Pontoons: Four pontoons keep the Fish Cat Panther afloat. Designing it this way keeps the angler closer to the water for extra stability.
  • Aluminum Frame: The Fish Cat Panther’s aluminum frame gives anglers a stiff platform for fishing.



  • Length.
  • Width.
  • Weight
    63 lbs.
  • Tube Diameter
  • Valve Type
    Summit II
  • Base Fabric Denier
    1000 pvc
  • Material Weight, Oz. per Sq. Yard
    23 oz.
  • AIREcell Material
  • Number of Chambers
  • Load Capacity
    400 lbs.
  • Oar Type
    7' 2-Piece Oars
  • Warranty
    OSG 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Color
    Dark Green
(C)Mark William Lisk


Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Fish Cat Panther

  1. Tim Tynan

    Really stable, low profile little slow compared to single float design

  2. Tom Wente

    I love this boat. I have had some memorable days on lakes in Oregon and Washington. It is quick to use the oars to get to where you want to fish and easy to maneuver with fins while fishing. I carry it on top of my Ford Escape and it is light enough to carry and load by myself and I am 71.

  3. Jay J Breidenbach

    This has been a great boat design – low in the water, relatively light weight, and a good rowing position. Over twenty years of service and it would still be going strong had I remember to degas the air bladders. After a 100 degree day, one of the seams let loose.

  4. Joe Mucka

    Love it but the seam came apart need a new pontoon was used hard are parts still available.

  5. Ron Williamson

    I waited to write a review. Purchased in 2004.Getting ready for my 20 trip to SW Montana. This boat has been great. Had to replace one of my red pontoons ( had turned pink) two years ago. Great support from the Boise customer serivce team. Called one day and had the pontoons the next day. There really is to much to cover but I’d do it all over again, but it keeps on performing. Great boat.

  6. Tim O’Brien

    Purchased my Fishcat in 1999 to fish the Salmon and Steelhead rivers of Oregon. From the wild, white water of the upper McKenzie to the mellow frog water of the lower Umpqua, it has never let me down. It provides the ultimate, one man, river running experience. For everything from a quick afternoon escape to a 4 day camping/fishing adventure, you won’t find a better boat.

  7. tracy peterson

    I purchased my fish cat panther in June of 2009. I hunt elk and fish on it on the Olympic peninsula of Washington during November every year. Between the elk I harvested and my hunting partner I’ve floated out dozens of bulls, a few deer and a bear. Right from the first time I used it, every year, one or more of the bladders would develop a leak. The first couple of years fish cat warranted them, after that I had to purchase new EVERY YEAR. The patching cement and patch material does not work. The problem, in my opinion, is that the bladders are about 18” longer and 12” in diameter LARGER than the shell they fit into. So, when the bladder is installed it has to be folded some what to physically get it in, which caused the folds to crack and leak. I’ve called fish cat and talked with a tec several times, and every time they say I’m putting it in ”wrong”, and that it will fit with out being ”folded”. I’ve been in residential construction for 42 years, shapes and sizes are what I do professionally. This is a square peg and round hole situation. Frankly it’s insulting that they tell me a bladder that is 18” longer than the shell its going into will fit with out wrinkles or folds. Its a great boat, I love the low profile double pontoon set up and it will carry 1/2 a bull elk and me, but I never float with out my air pump or a valve wrench incase I get 2 flats on the same side and have to move 1 to the other side so I dont have to walk out. BTW, I handle the boat with kid gloves, for years I would carry it to the river bank, and back to the truck. It’s stored indoors with the pressure reduced in the bladders for storage. When I change a bladder, I wash out the shell, wipe it dry and feel every surface to be sure there is no grit or sand inside to rub the bladder. I’m about to buy another right now…. it’s that or junk the boat and buy a different brand.

  8. Atlas vanguard

    Of all of the models I know of this is the most reliable and robust for Very dangerous Rapids and hazards. I’ve taken this model on some of the most dangerous rivers in Washington and performed magnificently. Especially enjoy the peace of mind of the quad pontoons in case a blowout occurs. Panther for life

  9. Dave Allison

    My panther fishes 50-80 days a year, handles great on windy days, best pontoon boat I’ve ever owned, great customer service from Outcast!

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